🔥That Sept Schedule🔥 Dealz, Late Cxl Changes, Your Name on Your Butt, & More!

It's near impossible to map out the extent to which all the amazing enhancements for Sept are so magical. But you know us, we'll try anyway 😎 Here goes it!

The Top 10 of September 2021

1) SCHEDULE - um. peep the above

  • 122 chances (and growing) to make the BEST out of your time (and membership). ALMOST all 122 are ALSO virtual. And recorded for future repeats. hullo?

  • 5 specialties including Pound & Pour, Buti GLO, Boss Chick Ladiez Night, Burlesque Basicz, and Piloxing Punch-Out <-- all new!

  • We have 3 BRAND NEW CLASSES (subscribe to this blog so you're first to know about a future post on their specifics!)

  • We brought back 7 of your favorites including bootybarre, buti lite, zumba toning, yogi-COREn, f-AB-tastic, PEAK HR & rejYOUvenate (subscribe to get the post on these classes too!)

  • Oh, and for the FIRST TIME EVER ... reply here with the classes you want to be signed up for, and we'll lock you in NOW ... before the 1 week window opens!

  • Plus, JOIN US SATURDAY SEPT 4 FROM 2-6PM AT SAC PARK! Let's show Shrewsbury what magical crazies we are, huh?

2) Those VIP Dealz

  • We're not gonna stop reminding you. ANYONE CAN HAVE THEM. $50 off VIP and $69 off VIP Gold ... WITH NO COMMITMENT! ONLY THRU LABOR DAY

  • BOTH memberships get you access to everything on that calendar

  • We personally think VIP Gold is a no-brainer bc it gets you the flexibility to work out with us ANYWHERE. Plus InBody scans to track progress, small group coaching discounts, challenge discounts, and more!

  • Step 1: Log in Here (Using your MBO or Studio App credentials. Or create an account!)

  • Step 2: Pick Your Option Below (no promo code needed!)

  • Step 3: Reply here or email us if you need your current membership switched!

VIP $99 (vs$149)

VIP Gold $129 (vs $199)

3) Recruitz

  • We've always given $5/month off of YOUR membership when a friend becomes a FRIEND and joins too

  • Now, we've gone cray. We're just bursting w/ gratitude for the support thru these ROUGH 18 months

  • From now thru Labor Day, we're offering AN ADDITIONAL $50 ACCOUNT CREDIT PER NEW FRIEND. That means ANY friend who signs up for a VIP or 10-class pass, old or new, earns YOU $50 off your next service purchase (obvi they need to tell us you recruited them!)

4) Reduced Late Cancel Windows

  • We heard your cries, we listened to your feedback!

  • The late cancel window is now 4 HOURS (vs. 12) for all classes EXCEPT those early birdies (e.g. 5-730am) ... early birdies are 10 hours so we can plan accordingly before going to bed 😝

5) 6 Week Lean & Clean Challenge 9/13

6) FREE 4 Week Transformation Challenge

  • Not ready for a full commit, or want supplementary info?

  • Join our website today and we'll give you FREE access to our 4-week online transformation program!

  • Lifehack tips, nutrition tips, exercise ideas ... and more!

7) Tanks, Sweatshirts, Shorts, Pants - SALE, & YOUR NAME

  • Sept 1-4 we're dishing out Zip Up Sweatshirts, Tanks, Bralettes, & Shorts @ 25% off! Snag 'em quickly because we're bringing the remainder to SAC park! Want your name on your shorts? Just let the Diva know, and for $12 (no discount) we'll put the studio logo AND YOUR NAME

8) VOD - Video On Demand

  • You know those classes you take and when you leave, you're like, OMFG. What just happened to me? Well, most of those classes are in our On-Demand library. And can even be viewed in your app!

  • Since we launched this technology, it's been au gratis (aka free). Not for much longer. In fact, not after Sept 12th

  • The VOD service is part of our Virtual service, which is included in the VIP Gold membership (or virtual-only membership). What better reason to join?

9) Stretch Room, Say What?

  • Did you know that while not in use, Studio B is set up as a Stretch room for our FRIENDz? No sign-up, no membership, no structure. We have posters & books & fundamentalz pamphlets in there to offer suggestions, but it's for YOU to do what you need for your body!

10) Masks ... Mmmhmm

  • Friendly reminder, if you are not vaccinated OR IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK, we require you to wear a mask. No exceptions. Staff too!