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🔥That Sept Schedule🔥 Dealz, Late Cxl Changes, Your Name on Your Butt, & More!

It's near impossible to map out the extent to which all the amazing enhancements for Sept are so magical. But you know us, we'll try anyway 😎 Here goes it!

The Top 10 of September 2021

1) SCHEDULE - um. peep the above

  • 122 chances (and growing) to make the BEST out of your time (and membership). ALMOST all 122 are ALSO virtual. And recorded for future repeats. hullo?

  • 5 specialties including Pound & Pour, Buti GLO, Boss Chick Ladiez Night, Burlesque Basicz, and Piloxing Punch-Out <-- all new!

  • We have 3 BRAND NEW CLASSES (subscribe to this blog so you're first to know about a future post on their specifics!)

  • We brought back 7 of your favorites including bootybarre, buti lite, zumba toning, yogi-COREn, f-AB-tastic, PEAK HR & rejYOUvenate (subscribe to get the post on these classes too!)

  • Oh, and for the FIRST TIME EVER ... reply here with the classes you want to be signed up for, and we'll lock you in NOW ... before the 1 week window opens!

  • Plus, JOIN US SATURDAY SEPT 4 FROM 2-6PM AT SAC PARK! Let's show Shrewsbury what magical crazies we are, huh?

2) Those VIP Dealz

  • We're not gonna stop reminding you. ANYONE CAN HAVE THEM. $50 off VIP and $69 off VIP Gold ... WITH NO COMMITMENT! ONLY THRU LABOR DAY

  • BOTH memberships get you access to everything on that calendar

  • We personally think VIP Gold is a no-brainer bc it gets you the flexibility to work out with us ANYWHERE. Plus InBody scans to track progress, small group coaching discounts, challenge discounts, and more!

  • Step 1: Log in Here (Using your MBO or Studio App credentials. Or create an account!)

  • Step 2: Pick Your Option Below (no promo code needed!)

  • Step 3: Reply here or email us if you need your current membership switched!

3) Recruitz

  • We've always given $5/month off of YOUR membership when a friend becomes a FRIEND and joins too

  • Now, we've gone cray. We're just bursting w/ gratitude for the support thru these ROUGH 18 months

  • From now thru Labor Day, we're offering AN ADDITIONAL $50 ACCOUNT CREDIT PER NEW FRIEND. That means ANY friend who signs up for a VIP or 10-class pass, old or new, earns YOU $50 off your next service purchase (obvi they need to tell us you recruited them!)

4) Reduced Late Cancel Windows

  • We heard your cries, we listened to your feedback!

  • The late cancel window is now 4 HOURS (vs. 12) for all classes EXCEPT those early birdies (e.g. 5-730am) ... early birdies are 10 hours so we can plan accordingly before going to bed 😝

5) 6 Week Lean & Clean Challenge 9/13

6) FREE 4 Week Transformation Challenge

  • Not ready for a full commit, or want supplementary info?

  • Join our website today and we'll give you FREE access to our 4-week online transformation program!

  • Lifehack tips, nutrition tips, exercise ideas ... and more!

7) Tanks, Sweatshirts, Shorts, Pants - SALE, & YOUR NAME

  • Sept 1-4 we're dishing out Zip Up Sweatshirts, Tanks, Bralettes, & Shorts @ 25% off! Snag 'em quickly because we're bringing the remainder to SAC park! Want your name on your shorts? Just let the Diva know, and for $12 (no discount) we'll put the studio logo AND YOUR NAME

8) VOD - Video On Demand

  • You know those classes you take and when you leave, you're like, OMFG. What just happened to me? Well, most of those classes are in our On-Demand library. And can even be viewed in your app!

  • Since we launched this technology, it's been au gratis (aka free). Not for much longer. In fact, not after Sept 12th

  • The VOD service is part of our Virtual service, which is included in the VIP Gold membership (or virtual-only membership). What better reason to join?

9) Stretch Room, Say What?

  • Did you know that while not in use, Studio B is set up as a Stretch room for our FRIENDz? No sign-up, no membership, no structure. We have posters & books & fundamentalz pamphlets in there to offer suggestions, but it's for YOU to do what you need for your body!

10) Masks ... Mmmhmm

  • Friendly reminder, if you are not vaccinated OR IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK, we require you to wear a mask. No exceptions. Staff too!

  • We hate segregation just as much as everyone. But in the absence of certainty, we choose excessive caution. We are excessive people, you know this!

  • And please, be a good human. Don't let us find out from some other avenue that you haven't been truthful. Yuck. Just, yuck.

OK, we're exhausted typing this ... you must be exhausted reading it! Moral:

  • Jump on VIP Gold

  • Tell every human you love they should join too

  • Snag that 6 Week Challenge deal

  • Put your name on your butt (shorts)

  • Sign up for the ENTIRE MONTH NOW

  • Be lightyears closer to the incredible human you're meant to be

Love, Laughter, Elation, Gratitude, & All the Good Things Change Brings ...

Lauren "Pigtails" & the FFS Crew

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Membro desconhecido
01 de set. de 2021

I'm hoping this is where we reply to sign up. Can you sign me up for the following?

9/9 - Bootybarre & bands

9/10 - Buti Light

9/13 - Yoga kids x2 / Piyo

9/14 - Hot Buti

9/15 - Fiit Camp

9/16 - Bands & Piloxing

9/17 - Buti Light

9/18 - Buti & Zumba

9/19 - T & A, Deep, & Hot Buti

9/20 - Yoga kids x2 & Piyo

9/21 - Hot Buti

9/22 - Fiit Camp

9/23 - Bands & Zumba

9/25 - T&A & Zumba

9/26 - Bootybarre

9/27 - Yoga kids x2 & Piyo

9/28 - Hot

9/29 - Fiit Camp & Buti

9/30 - Bands & Zumba w/ Davis

Thank you

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