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🎁Happy 9th Birthday to US!🎁

The fact that we have been lifting the health and happiness of humanity, one fit happy hour at a time, for nine years ... is simply mind blowing.

The challenges we have overcome would (and have!) knock nearly everyone down ... but not us.

We rose. We rise. We are STRONG SURVIVORS because we have a purpose. We have unwavering faith and put forth extraordinary effort in support of our purpose.

As a gift to all of the FRIENDz in our tribe, old and new, we are opening up our intro offer to absolutely everyone. That is two weeks of completely limitless class access, in-studio and virtual, for only $49.

If you haven't been Home in a while, now is the time. If January is a time where you like to reset, why not do it where you know your health and happiness belong?

Happy holidays, happy new year, and happy birthday to us!


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