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Who is Fit FRIENDzy Studios?

Who is Fit FRIENDzy Studios?

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More than Skinny, more than Strong.  More than Yourself.

Just more.

At Fit FRIENDzy Studios we believe you can rock all the "hats" of life and STILL put your self-care first.  We believe in lifestyle fitness, rather than unsustainable quick fixes.  We're on a mission to lift the health and happiness of the universe by redefining happy hour, the fit way.

We have 2 obsessions we stand by:

We value your time.

We value your goals.

FRIENDz are busy, the time made to spend with us will always be worth it ... and then some.

FRIENDz have different goals.  Weight loss, muscle gain, maintaining.  Even, socializing.  Your personal goal is what matters to us.  We will meet, and support you, there.

We believe in variety and experimenting and stepping outside our comfort zone.  We believe in playing just as hard as we work.  We drink wine.  We have kids.

We believe in being a second home for busy humans of every age, shape and size.  We believe "fit" has a million meanings and that it starts with self love, with loving who you are today.  Every day.  Good days AND bad days.


 We believe you belong here just as much as every other FRIEND.  We believe our FRIENDz will make sure you feel that way too.
We believe in showing you why you are a spectacular example for your children, family & friends.  We believe you matter, a lot.

We already believe in you.  Your turn.

Because you're not a Number, you're a Name.

You're a FRIEND.





The Story of Lauren "Pigtails"

Photo Apr 20, 10 07 57 AM.jpg

It all started in a big sweaty gym with her mom, future sister-in-law, and a couple of hair elastics.  Read this blog post walking you through those early years.

Lauren loved dancing, performing, making people laugh, and just basically living a well-rounded life.  She grew up dancing and cheering and stuck with it through college.  After attending WPI and getting her undergrad in Industrial Engineering and her Master of Science in Operational Design & Leadership, she suddenly found there wasn't time.  Correction, she wasn't making time.

Then, she started making time (OK, her mom forced her to try Zumba), and she found she loved parts of it.  The classes, for sure.  The environment, not so much.  Big gymnasium-style classes with bright lighting and often sub-par instructors started to make her question if it was worth making the time.

Then her mom said "let's get certified!"  OK ... if she didn't "have time" to take classes, how on earth would she teach, she thought?  You can see now why she simply doesn't allow limiting thoughts like that to enter her universe.  Ever.

It started with 1 class/week.  Then 3.  Then 5.  At one point 12.  All over Central MA.  She became known as the vagabond "Zumba teacher with the pigtails" ... tailgater speaker, suitcase of merchandise, obnoxious FB posting, newsletter, punch cards ... and more!

Then, one night, en route to the last standing studio she was renting out she made a decision it just didn't feel right ... so she changed plans.  She canceled that class, posted on FB that she'd be at Institute Park in an hour if anyone wanted to join.  And join they did.  Dozens and dozens joined each week that Fall.  Until the opportunity to open our home fell into her lap.

That's Lauren's story.  The birth of our home.  The rest, FRIENDz, is YOURS.


"Elite instructors, intimate setting, dream-worthy results.  Because you're not a Number, you're a Name.  You're a FRIEND."


No more huge gym classes, no more dull aerobics rooms, no more questionable instructors. Most importantly, no more being a number.


At Fit FRIENDzy Studios, not only will you find the best of the best Instructors and a spirit-boosting FUN setting ... you'll also feel at home.


It's about time you became a Name, a FRIEND. It's about time you join the rest of the Fit FRIENDzy Studios Family and let us help you achieve your goals.


We're all in this together, and if you're willing to step outside your comfort zone ... we at FRIENDzy Studios would be honored to show you who you're meant to be.

#whosYOURfitfriend #loveYOURself


A Visual of FRIENDzship

From a virtual tour of our home, to a 30-second promo video, or a 2 minute flash through some of our first memories, or a 15 minute video made by one of our very own FRIENDz.  Or check out our YouTube channel, or one of our endless collections of photos.


What will you see?  Every age, shape, size and any other amazing trait that makes each FRIEND unique.  What else?  Smiles.  Lot's of smiles.


Just a gym? Ha.

fDSC_0010a 5x7.jpg

What Real Looks Like

Do we deny that being overweight has as direct correlation to serious health issues?  Of course not.  Do we believe that healthy comes in one shape, size or age?  Of course not.  Do we believe the only measure of success is the number on the scale?  Of course not.  And you shouldn't either.

Do we believe transformation, inside and out, is possible without deprivation and unhappiness?  Absolutely.  And so do these FRIENDz ... feel free to ask them.

rEAL friendZ
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