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Or not.  But we think you should be.

Virtual Classes, Need to Know​s:

  1. Look for the camera icon     on the schedule (in the app too) or select "virtual classes" from the app's opening page

  2. Virtual classes are scheduled 5 minutes before actual class start time to enable acclimation

  3. Link to class will be sent via email 30 minutes before the scheduled start time (though the teacher may not join yet)

  4. Virtual classes can also be accessed through your schedule in the Studio app

  5. ZOOM is used for Virtual Classes.  See below for download options (suggested to do ahead of your first class), though no download is necessary

  6. It is NOT required to be on camera, but we do hope you'll at least pop on to say "hi" ... and maybe stay on. :)

Any questions or issues, the fastest way to reach us is right here via Chat or by posting in our FB group!  You can also email us.

Zoom Downloads:


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