We Turn Busy A.F. Humans Into Masters of Guilt-Free Health & Happiness in Our Fitness Home.

Come as 
Leave as a FRIENDz.

We Bet You Look Great in Hats

Not fedoras.  The “hats” of life.  Mom, wife, student, professional.

Remember the days when you didn't apologize for making time for yourself?  When you didn't feel like you were barely surviving, neverminded thriving?  Have that again.

But, what are you capable of now?  And who even are you anymore?  It’s hard thinking about it, never mind doing it.  What about your kids, or your job?

Can you guiltlessly devote time to self-care like you used to, AND rock the hats?  Can you have it all?


We think so.


Get the Dream BOD Job


The body is inevitable.  But there's more.

You found a fitness home that gets you results.  A true Happy Hour.  You feel great in classes.  And then, outside classes.  You start to recognize yourself in the mirror.  In your mind.

Yowza you missed that badass.  You're back.  Crushing unspoken goals.  Smiling just for the sake of smiling.  You're FEARLESS again.

So, why not go out for that promotion?  Why not make that major life decision?  Why not gain SO much more than a smaller pants size?

It sounds crazy.  But it's unavoidable.  Ask every single FRIEND. 

We Have Unlocked The Code

Lauren has a lot of experience.  And she designed a studio to defy every excuse she made early in life.  With trial, error, and grit, she cracked the code.  And her whole team has the formula.

She nixed bright lights, chopped class capacities, offered variety in type & time, and offered babysitting right off the bat.  Plus, the Tiki bar.


Nearly 2 decades after beginning her coaching journey, she's transformed thousands of lives.  All as a Senior Engineer, with a husband and baby boy at home. 

Follow someone who walks the talk.  Who makes you better because they made themselves better.  At Fit FRIENDzy Studios, everyone is that.

A gym?  Ha.  Try a magical portal to the one thing you've always wanted.  Acceptance.  100% unfiltered self, and tribe, acceptance.  Do you really think you should pass this by?


3 Steps to Guilt-Free Self-Care


Step 1: Grab an Intro Offer

Grab an unlimited all-access pass for 85% off.  Good for live AND virtual classes!  And babysitting!


Step 2: Show Up

Pick any class, walk into our home (or log on virtually) and INSTANTLY feel accepted.


Be amazed by the lights.  The quotes.  The Tiki.  The freedom.  The FRIENDz.

Want suggestions?  Text "PICK A CLASS" to 508.841.5330 or chat right here and we'll customize your week!


Step 3: Become a FRIEND

FRIENDz are busy.  They're moms, wives, grams, students.


Driven.  Organized.  Messy.  Uncoordinated.

FRIENDz love themselves unconditionally.  Without guilt.

Their life improvement is about SO much more than fitness.

Have this.

We Believe in You


Whether now is the time we're meant to meet or not, the Fit FRIENDzy Studios team believes everyone deserves a ticket to Happy Hour.

Grab an intro offer, but also, share your info below so we can send you a 100% fool-proof way to leave the baggage behind and be the hero of your story.  It has worked thousands of times.  And right now, it's FREE.