Open 7 days a week! Group Class Only!*

*We manage classes based on enrollment, and also add classes & eventz when we have slots available, ESPECIALLY during Holidays & weekends!  Always check our online Schedule for current offerings & last-minute changes (just download our app)!



(508) 752-5456


196 Boston Turnpike - Route 9 East
Shrewsbury, MA 01545, USA

Across from Whole Foods, Below Sprint



The path you choose is yours.  But we're here to help every step of the way.


Maybe you begin based on class availability, maybe based on class type.  Whatever leads you to that first registration, prepare to be changed forever.

Tip:  Download our app, sign up for a class, and simply pay via "drop-in."  Your first general class is 50% off anyhow.  It can be upgraded to a pass or membership.  And we assure you, it will.  Please also peep our few policies before arriving for seamless transition into our home!


Over 4 dozen Fitness programs you already know about, rocked like you've never seen.


Zumba®, Beachbody®, Yoga, Buti®, Pound® ... and way more.

Oh, and Babysitting.


Your life, our options, it just works.

Discounts, recruiting & special eventz. 

Limitless, really.


If you know what class you want, just book now!


Yes, you can drop in, but our classes are intimate by design so capping/changing happens based on registrations.  

Waitlists are also very promising!


Make the most of your YOU time!

Download our app!

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1.) Arrive 10 minutes before class, 15 if you need to pay, or your spot may be forfeited.  If you are earlier than 15 minutes, please kindly hang in the FRIENDz lounge to allow for management of studio setup & FRIENDz traffic between classes 😃

2.) Sign/Scan in at the Tiki (using our app or by specifically talking with our Desk Diva and letting her know you're there)

3.) Do not wear street shoes in Aerobics rooms, change into your workout shoes upon arrival (we have space to store - or even leave - your belongings).

4.) Wear deodorant & deodorize your sneakers Serious request.  Sweaty aerobics rooms + body/foot odor or heavily scented food causes severe nausea (we have spray if you forgot!) 

5.)  Cancel 12 hours before general classes* to allow other FRIENDz to join in a timely manner otherwise late cancel fees apply for all packages and memberships.  Note, Specialty classes are non-cancelable*, please wait to sign up until you're sure of your availability.

*Note - we're human too. If a unique circumstance arises, just email/call (and leave a voicemail) before the class ends and we'll consider waiving the fee.  However, maximum late cancel/no show fees may be waived per 30 day period. Additionally, Management reserves the right to apply Scheduling suspensions for any policy abuse 😨

6.)  All purchases are final.  Refunds given in Studio credit only

7.)  FFS has a zero tolerance policy for no shows.  Fees apply.

8.)  If you choose to leave your shoes or mat at the studio, be sure to grab a name-tag at the Tiki, otherwise they'll be placed in lost in found & donated after 2 weeks.


9.)  Any credit card declines result in scheduling suspension, 5 consecutive days of failed attempts = $20 reinstatement fee.


10.)  Any reviews or feedback given through our "rating" marketing campaigns (not private emails exchanged with may be shared publicly and always feed into our overall NPS rating managed by a 3rd party