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Why We Need to Invest in Our Emotional Health with Dr. Guy Winch #TheFitHappyMinute


On this week’s episode, WHOOP VP of Performance Science, and Principal Scientist, Kristen Holmes is joined by Dr. Guy Winch. The licensed psychologist and author is a relationship and emotional health expert with one of the industry's most highly regarded TED Talks. His TED Talks have been viewed over 30 million times and his books have been published in 28 different languages. Kristen and Dr. Guy will discuss how Guy began studying emotional health, the approach and skills involved with emotional health, the dos and don’ts of emotional health, dealing with rumination, getting space to grieve properly, managing self-esteem, dealing with heartbreak and finding your identity, creating a social circle in line with your own values, the timeline for recovering from emotional damage, the global outlook on emotional health, and developing the right work-life balance.

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