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6 Low HRV Symptoms And What Causes Them #TheFitHappyMinute


HRV, or heart rate variability, is a measure of the time between heartbeats. HRV measures vary by person and over time, fluctuating based on lifestyle choices and lived experiences, from stress levels to sleep patterns, exercise habits, and levels of physical exertion in the body, day-to-day.

Unlike for a heart rate or blood pressure measurement, there is no determined “ideal” HRV rate. And while HRV values vary greatly per person, and by day and circumstance, a higher HRV is considered a better health indicator than a lower HRV, overall.

More notably, a lower HRV has been linked to numerous markers for less-than-optimal health, well-being, and functioning, which is why paying attention to your HRV measurements and tracking these data trends over time, with the help of WHOOP, can help you perform and feel better, and work more effectively and efficiently towards your overall health goals.

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