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The Dark Side of Big Goals #TheFitHappyMinute

If you are an ambitious person (which I'm willing to bet most of my readers would identify with), you've probably followed a model that looks like this:

  • Start at Point A

  • Establish a Big Goal to reach Point C

  • Work like crazy to achieve Big Goal

The problem, as I now see it, is what happens next.

There are two potential outcomes with Big Goals:

  1. Goal Missed: You work and work towards your Big Goal, only to come up short. The pain, sadness, and disenchantment from missing a Big Goal that you worked towards is obvious and real. We all know this pain. It's often the worst if you come up *just short* of the Big Goal since the outcome we created was binary. This is what I would have felt if I had run a 3:01:00 time in the marathon.

  2. Goal Hit: You did it! You achieved the Big Goal. You feel an immediate hit of euphoria. Then you go to sleep, wake up the next day, and think, "OK, now what?" You know you should feel great, but you don't, which makes you feel worse. No one wants to hear about your champagne problems, so you keep them to yourself.

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