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The Best AI Productivity Tools In 2023 #TheFitHappyMinute

Everyone's hanging out with ChatGPT, asking for anything from full blog posts to what a particular line of code does. The results are mind-blowing. And while we're still figuring out how to plug this technology into our workflows, it's clear that AI tools are changing the game.

But despite being the most popular, ChatGPT is far from the first AI app that hit the market. I've been playing around with AI tools for a while now, so I set out to build a list of the best ones available. What I found were hundreds of AI tools to kickstart productivity, save time, and generate ideas.

After lots of research and testing from me and the team at Zapier, here are 36 AI productivity tools that will change the way you work.

These 36 AI apps will help you work faster—and better.

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