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Sweat It Out: 3 Surprising Benefits of Hot-Weather Workouts #TheFitHappyMinute

For many, hot weather causes a shift from pounding the pavement outside to hopping on a treadmill inside with the AC blasting. But sometimes, taking your sweat session outdoors comes with serious perks — if you do work out in the heat safely.

“There are several aspects to training in hot weather environments that make it potentially more challenging and simultaneously more beneficial for improving fitness,” confirms Alex Rothstein, a certified personal trainer and instructor for the New York Institute of Technology’s Exercise Science program.

Heat training — or exercising in hotter-than-usual conditions — can be exhausting at first as your body has to work harder and is quicker to fatigue. But, with time, hot-weather workouts could help improve your cardiovascular fitness, health, and athletic performance in hot and cool environments alike.

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