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How to Escape the Busy Trap #TheFitHappyMinute

In recent years, it feels as though everyone has gotten really, really busy.

If you're at a cocktail party, you're probably going to hear the word "busy" at least 100 times. Everyone is busy.

It's an interesting trend to observe, especially considering the body of research that is decidedly mixed on whether our actual hours of work and related commitments have increased.

In understanding this problem, I find it makes sense to deconstruct it into two separate parts:

  1. Why do we SAY we are busy?

  2. Why do we FEEL we are busy?

It's an important distinction.

Let's start with the former: Why do we say we are busy?

"Flex" or Status Signal

Busy has become the dystopian status symbol of the modern worker.

We have somehow decided that being busy is good, so we take pride in our busyness and wear it as a symbol of our value to society.

If we are busy, it must mean we are extremely valuable and generating prolific output.

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