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Attention Residue: The Silent Productivity Killer #TheFitHappyMinute

Let’s face it: Our attention is more divided than ever.

When compared to our ancestors, our lives appear to be filled with significantly more attention-grabbing pulls in a variety of directions.

Open up your phone, tablet, or computer home screen and you'll find all the proof of this fact that you might need:

  • How many apps do you have open right this second?

  • How many notifications are so temptingly staring back at you?

  • How many pings, beeps, and boops have you heard from your devices in the last hour alone?

We are far more connected and online than at any point in history—and yet, what do we have to show for that additional connectivity in the form of output?

One would hope that with all of these apps, productivity tools, and calendar organizers in our lives, our work would be of higher quality and completed in a more efficient manner—the technology creating value.

Unfortunately, that hope is a bit misguided.

The constant, hyper-connectedness of the modern digital age has created just as many problems as it has solved.

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