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Wouldn’t you like to know Wednesday!

It’s “wouldn’t you like to know Wednesday” at Fit FRIENDzy Studios!

Time to spill the tea....

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Now for the tea!!!!


This week we are celebrating March MADNESS with an extravaganZa!!!

Bring a friend... new friend, past friend... stranger on the street 😃

If they buy a package...any package. YOU receive $20 to your account to be used any way you wish!!!

Additional prizes for top 3 FRIENDz who recruit/converts the most friends. (Converts 🤣)

🔥 we are so proud to announce Heather G. Holding - Stepping Into Fitness was certified in Xtreme Burn over the weekend! We are equally excited as she is to bring this new format to our FRIENDz!

Tonight!!! Adriana will bring the core work for your abs in her f-AB tastic FRIENDz format!!!! We are hoping this Wednesday slot brings some new FRIENDz to her Tuesday and Sunday time slot... either way, expect to see her on Wednesdays for the upcoming weeks!

FRIDAY!! Don’t forget GRAPEVINEz 4 DAYz with Dina & Katie!!!

That’s the tea for this week! Don’t find yourself in FOMO!!! Smash those subscribe links above!!!


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