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🌺Ah Spring! Hello Summer Body👙

I love how the warm weather keeps me in check. I honestly hadn't had an issue with this since I opened the studio in 2013, until COVID. Ooof. 2020 gets a pass because, well, Mario lol. 2021 wasn't even super awful because I was still OK with my new-mom-life bod. This year is the first year where I found myself comparing to previous me's. It's frankly less about the six pack or size of my shorts, and more about the energy ... the clean feeling ... the clear skin 😞.

Those are the things I'm missing a bit this year. Those are the things that remind me why I work out at the Studio regularly. Why I eat for fuel and not for fun.

If you want to learn about how I eat, how dozens of your fellow FRIENDz eat, click here. I'm kicking things off tomorrow with a few other FRIENDz, but you can start your path any time.

Get ahead of the first day of summer, that's the strongest advice I can give you. Not just with this program, with everything you know you should gift yourself. You deserve it.

All my love and gratitude,

Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso


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