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*NEW* IN-APP Videos! And Streaming Enhancements ...

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The one thing you can always count on from your FRIENDzLeaderz & Divaz is that we'll never stop bettering ourselves, for you. Even during a time of unprecedented loss, we dove in head first and tackled the virtual world.

IN-APP Videos!

*COMING SOON* Our online Virtual library will transition to an in-app experience! Basically everything class related will now live inside your app! We'll still have the library of HUNDREDS of videos hosted on our website for the time-being, but the goal is to streamline YOUR experience.

*AT FIRST THE ACCESS WILL BE FREE* All videos loaded to our app will be open for anyone to access! Virtual LIVE classes. Pre-Recorded classes. HOW-TO Videos. Nutrition Tips & Tricks. And so. much. more. Psst there are some there already!

Enhanced Streaming Experience!

*COMING SOON* Virtual LIVE classes are ALSO moving to Mindbody! This means no more relying on 3 (yes it takes 3) separate programs to deliver classes virtually to our FRIENDz!

*HOW* You will receive an email before class, the EXACT same way it happens today, only it'll be directly from Mindbody. You'll then launch the class right from that email. We HIGHLY suggest downloading the Mindbody Live platform for computers, but the stream also work great via mobile in iOS and Chrome browsers!

*ROLL OUT* Will be over the next few weeks so some classes will still come through as Zoom meetings until we've fully transitioned. We will transition in-studio Live classes first in daily chunks, then the classes streamed from our FRIENDz-Leaderz homes!

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Quick Plug for At-Home Challengez!

If you haven't done it yet, we suggest heading over to our brand new AT-HOME Challenges page! These are non-studio challenges that help you tackle goals such as building habits, learning about nutrition, and so much more! They do NOT require a studio membership or even that you take classes at/through the studio! We're wrapping up 2 challengez now, but you can join the #4weeks2life challenge ANY TIME and we'll be launching a nutritional one Sunday (also start any time).

Just another way we strive daily to reach our FRIENDz, near and far, and help them reach their goals!

That's all for now, FRIENDz.



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