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Yea time with FRIENDz


😎Goodness where do we start!!! So much good stuff to spill!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

💃🏻Today we have Lauren Pigtails - Fit FRIENDzy Studios covering Zumba for Evelyn Oquendo Zumba Fitness Instructor & Turbo Kick instructor! Bringing it back to what started it all!!

☀️Tomorrow 7:30pm Pop Pilates is being brought in studio! Sun is out again and it’s time we are too!!!

🍀 we continue with our March Madness!!!

Ask us how you can earn $20/friend!

🖥 the juiciest of the bunch!!! Our virtual world is changing!!! Want all the tea on this one? Just check your mailbox!!

The short of it... no more zoom and everything virtual will be accessible via our app and mindbody!

Ps open up that app there are som surprises on the schedule next week... can you find them before we spill the tea???

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