🧼The Cleaning. So. Much. Cleaning🧼

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OK, next in our nightly Studio update series ... how can you feel safe in our home?

BUT FIRST ... please fill out this 1 MINUTE survey about returning to live classes!

Let's Start with You

You've used the sanitizer, you've put your belongings in the provided plastic bags, you've taken a class. Now what? Well, step 1, put your mask back on (if you didn't wear it in class). Then ...

Whether equipment was put out for you before class, or you grabbed it from the "Select Equipment Here" cart(s) in the Studios, you will still need to clean your equipment. Here's how ...

  • For mats & steps (remember, it's BYO mat for now), the Teacher will walk around & spray your mat/step & give you paper towels. You will then put the step & risers back on the carts (inside the studio), or roll up your mat, then exit

  • For other equipment (dumbbells, etc.) 1 STUDENT AT A TIME will enter the equipment room to clean, then place in the "CLEANED" bucket (like the below)

  • Then, follow the flow signs for Sanitizing (inside Equipment room in A, at exit door in C)

  • Finally, you'll exit the Studio according to the flows we talked about yesterday. For example, for Studio A, you go THROUGH THE EQUIPMENT ROOM and then THROUGH B.

  • Note, for Studio A, if you weren't able to carry your plastic bag of belongings with you into the equipment room, you will STILL GO THROUGH EQUIPMENT ROOM/STUDIO B and just come back into A, then repeat the exit process THROUGH THE EQUIPMENT ROOM

Pretty straight-forward, right? And don't worry ... you've got a super fun "Treasure Map" coming in a future post to help you understand the flow of foot traffic throughout the whole Studio 🤓

OK, Now What Will WE Do?

There's just way too much to put it all here but let me explain the MAJOR efforts...

  • We will RE-CLEAN all used Equipment, & we will clean the Studio floors AFTER EVERY CLASS. We invested in some great efficient tools, and some serious, yet safe, cleaning materials too

  • We will clean the (plastic wrapped) couches all night/day long