👓What Will Class Be Like?👓

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OK, next in our nightly Studio update series ... what will it actually be like when you take a class? Well ... signs. 😂

OK, So I've Checked In ... Now What?

Well, per our last post. You'll check the new "Class Location" boards. And you'll see a sign underneath too. This explains how to pick a spot in class. Just wait 😂 It's also posted on Studio A & B doors, and outside the ENTRANCE DOOR to Studio C (more on that below)

As the sign states, when you get into any of the Studios (still wearing your mask, of course) ... look up. There are numbers on the ceilings. Not a lot of numbers, but numbers. 😭 That's yo space. Put your mat (no mat loaners for the time-being) / plastic bag w/ belongings, under it to claim the spot. During class, stay in the general vicinity of the spot. Yes, some spots aren't 100% in the mirror. Based on MA guidelines, it's the best we could do since we weren't keen on the "barriers" option 😭.

Also, look at the wall nearby, find your number. That's where you put your water, towel (no towel loaners for the time-being), and any other (limited) belongings you bring into class ... IN THE PLASTIC BAG GIVEN TO YOU BY THE DIVA, OF COURSE.

But Wait, How Do I ENTER Studios A, B & C?

Follow the arrows. For A & B, head toward the Studios and STAY LEFT.

For C, exit the Tiki and STAY LEFT ... being mindful of entering FRIENDz (use the rear view mirrors!). Then, from the hallway, use the door CLOSEST TO THE GLASS DOOR at the end of the hall (where you enter for babysitting).

What if I Need Equipment?

Well, great question. For some classes with obvious equipment (Step, Pound, etc.) the Divas will put out the equipment ahead of time. Note, you are still required to CLEAN ALL EQUIPMENT used by you during a class (more on that tomorrow). For others, you'll see a cart alongside one of the walls inside the Studio with a sign above it. You will NOT go into the equipment room before class. That cart (or carts) will contain your options for class. The teacher will let you know what to pick! Your mask is still on at this point, and BE SURE TO MAINTAIN 6 FEET BETWEEN FRIENDz WHILE PICKING!