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🎁Reopening Massachusetts! Important Studio Changes!🎁

And Man, Are We Strong...

On May 29th, the Governor has declared that Massachusetts may fully open and the mask ordinance has been rescinded. However, they have very clear guidelines for unvaccinated residents.

What does this mean for our Home?

1) Masks continue to stay on, at all times, inside FFS

Why? It's simple. We stand for inclusion. For community. For love and for support. We don't see people as different. At this time, we choose not to single anyone out for anything, let alone not being vaccinated. We understand this isn't what some of you wanted to hear. But we've come this far, and we have so much further to go. We ask that you continue to trust us. It isn't forever, it may not even be for very long, but the collective comfort (and safety) of our home is what matters most.

2) Class signup window increases from 1 to 4 weeks

We are 100% trying to soften the mask blow. Did it work? LOL. Kidding aside, we're excited to try this out because now you can plan your whole month as we do, especially for our JAM-PACKED schedule of special eventz & classes this summer (both in our home and off-site!). BTW, while you're at it, save this Google Cal link with ONLY our specialty eventz so you can see them without our hundreds of daily classes all around! (iCal version to import) (FYI 2 weeks starts today, 4 weeks starts June 5th)

3) No more plastic bag waste

HALLELUJAH! It crushed our core the amount of plastic we were throwing away every day. While we absolutely want you to still hand-sanitize (probs a forever thing, let's be honest), no more wrapping all your goodies in bags before leaving them in the lounge

4) So, what can we leave in the Lounge? Shoes & Mats!

STARTING JUNE 1ST your shoes & mat are welcome to sleepover amongst their shoe and mat FRIENDz again. Don't forget, EVERY pair of shoes and every mat MUST have a name tag (get them at the Tiki), otherwise they will be donated. Side note, no "mat draping" over the barres please

5) And what can we borrow?

Studio mats are available again! All equipment is fair game to teachers! FRIENDz are asked to clean all equipment they use and put back where they found it in the equipment rooms. Tissues are back (you're welcome LOL). Towels are still on hold, but we have awesome ones for sale!

6) No more survey or temp taking at the Tiki

Everyone is still required to check in at the Tiki (either scan in yourself, or speak directly with a Diva), but no more COVID-specific steps!

7) But, but, but ... FANS? YES!

FINALLY!!!!!! Fans. Turn them on as desired (not in any Buti or heated classes)! Please turn them off at the end of class :)

8) Use all the doors however you want!

Pretty straightforward lol. All those arrows and signs and such will be gone by June 1st too!

9) Capacity limits lifted

In classes, in the lounge, at the Tiki. Plus, Studio B is coming back!

10) Late Cancel Policy Changes

We will now allow 1 waived late cancel per calendar month, but ONLY if you contact before the class ends. We are also implementing a late cancel/no-show fee for Virtual classes ($8). Reminder, zero tolerance policy for any no shows

11) Babysitting!

We know. We cried a little too

AND FINALLY ... Hug, high five, slap butts

No more silly elbow hellos! Oh it feels like home again 😭

Man, have we been waiting for this FRIENDz. Thank you, from the bottom of our souls, for sticking it out with us. We promise to forever do everything we can to make your dreams come true too. 🙏🏼

Yours Truly,

Lauren & the FFS Team of FRIENDz-Leaderz

2 comentários

Hi, is Lori still having Zumba Gold Classes?

Fit FRIENDzy Studios
Fit FRIENDzy Studios
30 de mai. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hi there! no she isn't teaching gold, but she does teach zumba toning on friday nights at 515pm! And she's wonderful with all ages and levels! we hope you'll join her! chat with us or email if you have questions!!

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