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🤩Registration is OPEN - Beginning Monday August 10th!🤩

(do not download Wix app, view in browser)

VIP & THRiVE Memberz who remained active during COVID are now able to register for classes up to 1 week in advance!

A few SUPER IMPORTANT TEMPORARY DETAILS about signing up (continue to follow our 8pm posts for comprehensive re-opening details/changes)...

  • Select VIP/THRiVE only at this time, but Virtual still open to all! (note, if you've renewed your membership recently the system won't restrict you ... but we will lol)

  • No doubling up in a day, we'll post by 3p each day if spots are available

  • Time on schedule is START TIME OF CLASS

  • Classes that have a “virtual” class on schedule w/ same name WILL BE STREAMED. There are some spots that aren’t on camera, but we cannot guarantee you won’t be recorded. Note, none of these videos are public, only private to those on other end of stream and select videos will be added to our paid-viewing online library.

  • You will be required to sign an updated waiver before attending classes


  • You meet ANY of the quarantine travel guidelines as per website

  • You feel unwell AT ALL (your temp will be taken upon arrival, but you know your body best)

  • You have been around anyone known to have COVID-19

  • You refuse to follow strict safety & health guidelines

I can't even believe it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

All my love & onward to the next chapter!!!!

Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso


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