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#HotButi TGIF is BACK!

Remember those early pre-weekend mornings, pre-shutdown, when you came to our home for the most invigorating, energizing, motivating, soul-fueling, liberating, heated, YOU TIME?

take a minute to REALLY remember that feeling.

when you took off all the hats of life and, for one hour, you were there for YOU. all before you had to get your day started.

well. They’re back. A couple Friday's this month, more in the future. They start tomorrow.

relive it. Begin it again. Don’t think about it. Just do It.

can’t make it tomorrow? Join us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 615am.

not early enough? Message us, we’re here for you. You know that. We know people who can make schedule changes 😘

keep your eyes peeled for another important announcement Friday


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