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🏋️‍♀️What is (PEAK) FIIT Camp?😯

Ah, FIIT Camp. But wait, PEAK? Welcome to Mondays 😉

Simply put, FIIT Camp is FFS's signature strength class. We use props (all provided) and complete a combination of circuit types (HIIT, various strength methods, etc.) in short bursts. Every single exercise comes with options for all levels, and the class is timed but done at your own pace!

PEAK is another FFS signature class which stands for Pummel Extra Annoying Kilo-Calories 🤣. The real cool part is that exercises are done via progressions, as if going up a mountain to the peak! We pick a move (say, squats) and progress up the mountain, then down. Everyone begins and ends with the same introductory movement, then it's up to you whether you climb the mountain or stay there! The toughest part, or peak, is only 15 seconds. You can do anything for 15 seconds!

OK, so now that you know, head over to your app or online and sign up for tonight at 530pm with Lauren Pigtails & Adriana! We offer Virtual too!


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