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🍹Tickets on Sale for Happy Hour!🍹 PLUS - chakra yoga & more!

Yes, we are selling tickets to the most coveted Happy Hour in the entire universe. This Happy Hour beats any Vegas or NYC hot spot you've ever heard about. For real. 😂

Seriously, if you're not coming to the Studio already, check this out and see if it helps. Because we're really serious about the Tiki Bar. Like, really serious.

But wait, there's more!

It's spring, and the world is starting to look semi-normal again. Well, we can see smiles again and THAT'S ENOUGH FOR US! So, what do we do when we get excited? ADD CLASSES!!!

  • Mon 530pm: FIIT Camp - but more. You'll have to come 3/7 to see what we mean.

  • Wed 630pm: Chakra Yoga. Chakras, Asanas, Crystals. No limits.

  • Thu 530pm: Zumba Step

  • Sun 9:30am: Xtreme Hip Hop

PLUS We have an OBSESSION with Specialty Classes

More on that later.


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