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So, What Will Our Home LOOK Like? 😰

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#2 in our 8pm post series updating our FRIENDz on the reopening of our home! Remember, if you're viewing this via social, be sure to join our website so you get these updates immediately as some will be time-sensitive dealz! This is also all critical info for Studio reentry!


Well, kinda.

As I proudly say, we've "5 S'd the Sh*t out of the Studio" ... and my little Engineer heart couldn't be more proud lol

What does it mean for FRIENDz? Well, you'll see LOTS of signs. Signs about masks, where to enter/exit, where to get/put equipment, what to do with your belongings. ALL THE SIGNS.

Well, 2 specific types of signs. The red ones tell you about traffic FLOW: