So, What Will Our Home LOOK Like? 😰

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#2 in our 8pm post series updating our FRIENDz on the reopening of our home! Remember, if you're viewing this via social, be sure to join our website so you get these updates immediately as some will be time-sensitive dealz! This is also all critical info for Studio reentry!


Well, kinda.

As I proudly say, we've "5 S'd the Sh*t out of the Studio" ... and my little Engineer heart couldn't be more proud lol

What does it mean for FRIENDz? Well, you'll see LOTS of signs. Signs about masks, where to enter/exit, where to get/put equipment, what to do with your belongings. ALL THE SIGNS.

Well, 2 specific types of signs. The red ones tell you about traffic FLOW:

And the green ones tell you important/helpful info

Let's go for a walk ...

First of all, prior to entry through the beloved glass doors behind Sprint, and long before heading down the stairs ... you'll have put on your mask. You'll see these signs outside every entrance into the Studio for gentle reminders. 😊 We will not provide masks (though we have some cute ones for "sale" ... all proceeds go toward COVID cleaning supplies LOL).

At this point you'll have noticed lots of reflective arrow tape on the carpets. Or maybe you wouldn't have, but now you will LOL. This tape tells you, explicitly, where to walk throughout the studio! Pay close attention to the direction of the arrows and you'll be safe as can be! It looks like this (and obvi it glows 😊) ...

Your first stop will be the FRIENDz Lounge. The only exception is if you have to pee or change (changing rooms are currently closed) or blow your nose (tissues are not currently being provided), please go to the bathroom. When you get to the Lounge, you'll stop at a pretty little social distancing circle sticker on the floor to make sure no one is coming. It looks like this ...

When it's safe (and you confirm there are no more than a TOTAL of 4 FRIENDz, INCLUDING YOU, in the lounge) ... you'll STAY RIGHT, following the arrows, and walk toward the shelves w/ the hand sanitizer ... it is MANDATORY to use this sanitizer!

There will also be a blue basket on these shelves (and a sign explaining) with clear plastic bags for ALL of your belongings (street shoes, keys, wallet, etc). PLEASE LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF THINGS YOU BRING INTO THE STUDIO! WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE TO STORE YOUR BELONGINGS WHILE YOU'RE IN CLASS. There are also no coat racks or leaving belongings over night.

Next you'll STAY RIGHT, following the arrows, and head into the lounge to change your shoes. Feel free to sit on one of the 2 (disinfected regularly) couches if desired (1 FRIEND at a time per couch). Then you'll put your belongings IN THE PLASTIC BAG on the designated shelves under the TV. There are also extra bags on top of the shelves (same blue basket). Note, if you'd rather, feel free to change your shoes in the hallway ... BUT NOT OUTSIDE. We need to preserve our floorz more than ever!