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Live Classes Are About to LAUNCH!

(note, don't download the Wix app, just view this in your browser!)

We sent an email campaign tonight about some pretty amazing newz. Every night at 8pm this week we'll add to that newz via blog posts (hint: that's what you're reading now 😉). Remember, if you're viewing this via social, be sure to join our website so you get these updates immediately as some will be time-sensitive dealz!

So, what'd we day? Well ...

Mark Your Calendars VIP & THRiVE Memberz ...

Friday 12:30pm we open up registration for IN-STUDIO classes, beginning MONDAY 8/10!

Yes, that's less than a week away 🥰

Our Doorz, Open?

I know, we cried too.

Tonight's announcement is to let our active (through COVID) VIP & THRiVE memberz know that we're first opening the doors to YOU on Monday 8/10.

We will launch the schedule this Friday at 12:30pm and space is EXTREMELY limited, so have your trigger finger ready!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement with what you can expect when you enter our bubble-wrapped home (not really, but pretty close LOL).

We will monitor how next week goes, with the goal of opening to additional active in-studio package holderz as soon as the following week.  Don't worry, we'll open to EVERYONE ASAP!

A Note from Lauren...

FRIEND, you don't even know.  The feeling of walking through our doorz, the hall, the crappy bathroom ... it never felt so amazing LOL. With everything we've be planning for the remainder of this year (what, you thought we took the time off? HA!), I genuinely believe we could end 2020 as one of the best ... if that's even comprehensible right now. You'll see.  Have we let you down yet?  Namaste you fierce, powerful, goal-achieving Rock Star.  You, FRIEND. All my love, Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso (& Mario hehe)

Couple More Things ...

Membership on hold but don't want to miss out on the next wave of spot openings?  Just email us and let us know you'd like to resume!  Note, you'll also get first dibs & early access discounts on our new membership programs if you're active now!

Note, This announcement marks a series of updates that will be rolling out every night this week at 8pm.  We will talk about our new programs, new classes, what to expect at the studio, and the continued option of our Virtual Platforms. If you're viewing this via social, be sure to JOIN OUR SITE NOW so you're immediately notified of updates!


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