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😳😱🤯It’s Happening!!🤯😱😳

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ahhhhh we’re just as tired of the dreaded waitlist as you!!!

but things ARE looking up!!! as of Oct 5th, per mass.gov, we’re able to DOUBLE our class capacity!!!

we’re upping the capacity to 10 but make no mistake, our procedures (and ceiling/wall numbers 🤓) will persist!!

we know, it’s SO exciting. But I’ll be honest, this is as much dependent on YOU, our FRIENDz, as mass regulations.

please don’t consider this an opportunity to loosen up your responsibilities. Masks, plastic bags, following traffic flow signs, keeping your distance in common areas, STAYING IN YOUR SPOT IN THE AEROBICS ROOMS ... all of this remains required. If we find this is too difficult to manage, we’ll drop the capacity right back down.

but we know you want this as much as us so we’re not scuuurrred 😍😍😍


  • zero tolerance policy for no shows AND late cxls remains in place (fees and suspensions apply)

  • waitlists count as registrations. If you can’t make a class, cxl, otherwise we expect you to show if let in up til an hour before class

  • ALSO our offer still remains if you’re on the waitlist. Come on down anyway, chat w the diva, book a specia