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🧐How Many Spots?🧐

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We’ve had many FRIENDz ask about class capacities. Well, it’s 5. Yep.

We measured and in order to stay safe per guidelines, we can fit 5 students in each A and C. We’re not even opening B for this reason (more on how we’re repurposing that’s room soon!).

We’ve also been reluctant to ”show” how many spots are available in a class because in the “good ol days” we did a lot of behind the scenes shuffling between our 3 studios. Not the case anymore.

So, in order to help FRIENDz both plan, and feel overly “in the know” about what they’re walking into ... you’ll be able to see how many spots are available now.

We’ve done a lot to keep you safe, we hope we’ve communicated that. If you ever have ANY questions (or suggestions), we’re only any email/fb/website chat/phone call/text away 🤪

Seriously, text us as 508.841.5330 We’re here for you.


🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 Lau


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