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🎉2 Weeks of SOUL-FUELING Success!🎉

(don't download wix app, just view in browser!)

FRIENDz ... it's been 2 weeks! 2 AMAZING weeks!

If you were waiting a bit before venturing back into our home, we can assure you, WE ARE READY FOR YOU! You'll find countless testimonies across social media of our safeness, cleanliness, thoughtfulness ... of our TRUE dedication to YOU.

FRIENDz are not only respectful of what we've implemented, they LOVE it! Due to how we manage traffic flow & procedures there almost zero waiting around when you arrive and today, I'm here to announce ANOTHER NEW FEATURE ...

Now, as early as 20 minutes before class, your app will PROMPT you to check into class when you arrive at the studio!! No more needing to bring the phone to the tiki to scan ... one less thing! 🙌

Regarding the app ... don't forget to allow app updates (or if you're impatient like me, just delete and reinstall "Fit FRIENDz" from the app stores!) ... we've pushed a BRAND NEW APP overhaul out with added features and WAY better integration with our scheduling software! Don't forget to allow the app to "use your location" so you can check in without scanning! and also "enable notifications" (and make them persistent so you don't miss them!) and you'll never miss out!!

Also, classes are filling. We allow signing up 1 week an advance but only 5 FRIENDz per class 😭 so make sure you're planning ahead! We'll be expanding the schedule now that we're in the groove and LOVING IT! Also, Virtual is still CRAZY SUCCESSFUL and most in-studio classes are now streamed!

2020 the way WE WANT IT ... what do you say?

Forever grateful for you, FRIENDz.

Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso


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