Since we have 3 aerobics rooms, 2 changing rooms, 2 equipment rooms, a Tiki Room with retail & check-in, a babysitting room, and a FRIENDz Lounge (all with appropriate signage we promise), we wanted to provide some tips on how to make your experience just PERFECT (and not stressful).  Read on and any questions at all, drop us a chat right here!

Note, if you're rocking Virtual, that info is here


Get There:

  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before any class

  • We're at 196 Boston Turnpike Rd (Route 9 East), Drew Mortgage complex, beneath T-Mobile

  • Park in the lot between Bank of America and T-Mobile

  • Enter through the glass door with the Fit FRIENDzy Studios, Kumon, Vallari's, etc. signs on it

Checking In:

  • Arrive at the Studio via the Tiki Room (3rd door on the left)

  • Check in at the Tiki Bar by talking to one of our Desk Divas

  • Change your shoes and hang your coat, leave your bag, etc. in the FRIENDz Lounge (across from the Tiki Room) on the aptly labeled shelves (we have cameras everywhere, don't fret!)


Find all current policies here


  • If you're running late please email us, otherwise your spot may be forfeited

  • You will be marked as a no-show (fees apply) if you don't check in


  • Please cancel at least 4 hours before class.  Specialty classes are non-cancelable).  Fees otherwise apply.


  • No street shoes in the aerobics rooms

  • Deodorant must be worn, perfume and heavily scented essential oils are not permitted



  • Restrooms are down the hall, just keep going you can't miss them

  • Water is for sale at the Tiki (as well as clothing & proteins), cash or credit accepted
  • Changing Roomz are in the Entrance to the Tiki Room

  • FRIENDz Lounge is for all your belongings

  • All Equipment needed for classes, including mats, is located in the 2 equipment rooms (attached to the Aerobics rooms)

  • Towels are available to borrow in each of the aerobics rooms

  • Babysitting is located inside Studio C (the first door on the Left when you come down the stairs), please stay with your KIDz if the sitter is not in the room.  Make sure you complete the pre-registration for KIDz, whether th ey're heading to The KIDz Zone (babysitting) or a class!)


Between Classes:

  • Upgrade your pass to a membership for the best deal! (24 hours to do so).  Just chat with us here and we'll help you figure out the best fit, and we'll take care of it!

  • Download our app.  With the app you can scan in at the Tiki going forward!

  • Join our Blog.  We post with your valuable time in mind, infrequent and short!

  • Join our FB Group.  It's the fastest way to get answers and get acclimated

Next Class

  • Book ahead, up to 1 week in advance

  • Need to Ease into it?  Check out the classes under the "New FRIENDz on the Block" category (and yes that's totally a throwback reference!)

  • Leave your shoes & mat in the FRIENDz Lounge (aptly named shelves), one less thing to carry and think about!  Just grab name tags at the Tiki!

    • Note:  be sure to deodorize your sneakers!​


  • We're obsessed with treating time as a sacred vessel, so once you become an unlimited VIP member (it's inevitable!), your notifications will be as follows:

    • PUSH Notifications (via app):

      • class cancelled by FFS, class video published​ (videos are in the app!)

    • EMAIL Notifications:

      • Class reminder (due to Virtual class links), class cancelled by FFS, no-show, billing

    • NO Notifications: (all else, including booking confirmations. check your status in our app or online)

Level Up

  • Ask the FB group for their latest recommendations on Yoga mats, shoes, and even workout clothes!

  • Challenge yourself to try a new class every couple of weeks, or sooner!

  • Prepare to amaze yourself!