Our new app for 2020 has added features .. be sure you check them out!

  • Push notifications - We send out quick announcements about spot availability, sales, motivation & more (but not too much, we promise).  You MUST ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS in your phone's settings.  We suggest making them "persistent banners" so you have to swipe them before they disappear!

  • Self check-in - Enable "location services" in your phone's settings (always on) and you'll be prompted to check into class when you pull into the parking lot!  This saves the need to bring your phone into class (especially since we're limiting personal belongings in the studio at this time)


Imagine never having to wonder what classes are happening, which you've signed up for, or how long you'll have to wait to scan in at the Tiki?  What about knowing how many calories you burn in a class, AND your ranking as compared to other FRIENDz*!?

For Real.

Scroll on to download & take a walk through the features you can expect to see once you do.  Magic.


Maybe later?  No worries, you can still sign up now


*Ask about our FitMetrix program!