A Note About Our Reopening

"Those first few steps down the stairs, toward the lights ...

It's in that moment I finally know,

I am home."

What seemed like an insurmountable, moment in time, is finally coming to an end.  While seemingly everything, truly everything, has changed ... we find such comfort in knowing we will be able to come together again in our home.

While we are SO excited to announce that our virtual offerings will continue (and some will even be streamed from live classes!), we are (fingers crossed) gunning for a "controlled" opening of our home in mid July (we hope you get a July 4th vaca in there!)!

As you would imagine from the OCD that is Lauren, it'll be a bit of a "tight ship" in the beginning.  There will be temporary (but also expanded) changes to our offerings & policies and some permanent changes that we're actually really excited about!  Don't worry, we will announce everything in due time :).


One thing you can count on in all of this, is that you WILL FEEL LIKE YOU'RE HOME.

We still suggest you invest in a functioning home gym set-up (check out our Amazon shopping list for ideas!) as Virtual classes are here to stay and open up SO many doors to FRIENDz near and far!

In the meantime, check out our package options or jump on a Virtual class!  We'll send an email out to all Studio & Website memberz when we've finalized our plans so be sure to join our website now if you've never taken a class!

Love, light, and HECK YEA!!!


Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso



1.) Arrive 10 minutes before class, 15 if you need to pay, or your spot may be forfeited.  If you are earlier than 15 minutes, please kindly hang in the FRIENDz lounge (unless otherwise specified, e.g. COVID) to allow for management of studio setup & FRIENDz traffic between classes 😃

2.) Sign/Scan in at the Tiki (using our app or by specifically talking with our Desk Diva and letting her know you're there)

3.) Do not wear street shoes in Aerobics rooms, change into your workout shoes upon arrival.  We have space to store - or even leave - your belongings (unless otherwise specified, e.g. COVID)

4.) Wear deodorant & deodorize your sneakers Seriously.  Sweaty Aerobics rooms + body/foot odor or heavily scented food causes severe nausea (we have spray if you forgot!) 

5.)  Cancel 12 hours before class* to allow other FRIENDz to join in a timely manner, otherwise late cancel fees apply for all packages and memberships, including babysitting and from waitlists up to an hour before class.  Note, *Specialty classes are non-cancelable.  Basically, please wait to sign up until you're sure of your availability.

*Note - we're human too. If a unique circumstance arises, just email/call (and leave a voicemail) before the class ends and we'll consider waiving the fee.  However, maximum late cancel/no show fees may be waived per 30 day period. Additionally, Management reserves the right to apply Scheduling suspensions for any policy abuse 😨

6.)  Attend the class for which you sign up to facilitate safe, efficient class & capacity management.  This includes signing up for Virtual vs. In-Studio classes.  Late cancel fees may apply when switching from In-Studio to Virtual, if done within the 12 hour window.  Always email us with questions/requests at ahead of time.

7.)  If you choose to leave your shoes or mat at the studio, you must grab a name-tag at the Tiki, otherwise they'll be placed in lost in found & donated after 2 weeks.  PS - No socks to be left at studio under any circumstance, we will go through shoes and throw them away!  *Leaving belongings is OK UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED (e.g. COVID)* 

8.)  FFS has a zero tolerance policy for no shows.  Fees apply.

9.)  You may be removed from a class for any reason deemed fit by FFS staff, including but not limited to violation of policies or other unwelcomed behavior

Friendly reminder:  Any "1-10" reviews and feedback given through our "rating" marketing campaigns (text or email) may be shared publicly and always feed into our overall NPS rating, managed by a 3rd party.  Any issues you'd like resolved, always ask us personally! :)

PURCHASE policies

  • Purchases are non-refundable,* refunds given in studio credit only

  • Any approved account credits must be used within 30 days

  • Discounts are not retroactive
  • Promos may not be combined with standard discounts (e.g. "Memorial Day Sale" + "Family Discount")

  • Booking privileges will be suspended if payment is declined for any reason (auto-pay or fees)

    • $20 reinstatement fee automatically charged after 5 days of unsuccessful auto-pay/fee charge attempts

package policies

  • Packages & Memberships are for individual use only, non-transferable

  • Expiration clock for 10-Class Pass begins upon first use

  • Memberships begin on payment date (auto-pay schedule)

  • Expiration extensions allowed for medical conditions only, contact us for details

  • Packages are good for specific category of classes only

  • Memberships (e.g. auto-pay only) may be put on hold once per contract term, for a monthly fee to be paid prior to hold and charged monthly until the pre-determined end date.  Email with questions

Last & most important, Fit FRIENDzy Studios has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our Service or offerings, we simply ask that you meet with us so we can improve our ways, and then we will happily terminate any agreements we've made with each other.

Open 7 days a week! Group Class Only!*

*We manage classes based on enrollment, and also add classes & eventz when we have slots available, ESPECIALLY during Holidays & weekends!  Always check our online Schedule for current offerings & last-minute changes (just download our app)!



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