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  1. Read this page before your first class.

    • Arrive early, check in, change your shoes

  2. Cancel 12 hours before classes.  Specialty classes are not cancellable

  3. Fees are automatically charged.  $16 fee for all unlimited passes, purchase option is otherwise forfeited (drop-in, 10-class pass, etc.)

  4. We're human too.  When life happens, email us before the class ends and we will chat.  If you're running late, email us.  Email or phone/voicemail are the only acceptable contact methods for late cancel/no show.

  5. Attend the class for which you sign up to facilitate safe class & capacity management.  This includes signing up for Virtual vs. In-Studio classes.  Late cancel fees apply when switching from In-Studio to Virtual, if done inside the cancelation window

  6. FFS has a zero-tolerance policy for no-shows, in-person and virtual, and waitlists count as registrations.  Fees and booking suspensions apply to all service purchases.  If you're on a waitlist, ensure notifications are enabled or that you regularly check your app as this will not be an acceptable excuse for missing a class (you wouldn't want to lose out if someone else didn't cancel, right?)

  7. You may be removed from a class for any reason deemed fit by FFS staff, including but not limited to violation of policies or other unwelcomed behavior


purchase policies
  • Purchases are non-refundable, refunds given in studio credit only

  • Any approved account credits must be used within 30 days

  • ​Discounts are not retroactive
  • Promos may not be combined with standard discounts (e.g. "Memorial Day Sale" + "Family Discount")

  • Booking privileges will be suspended if payment is declined for any reason (auto-pay or fees)

    • $20 reinstatement fee automatically charged after 5 days of unsuccessful auto-pay/fee charge attempts


package policies
  • ​Passes & Memberships are for individual use only, non-transferable​

  • Expiration clock for Passes vary, read purchase details

  • Memberships begin on payment date (auto-pay schedule)

  • Non-contract memberships require a minimum of 30 days notice to cancel, otherwise next auto-pay will process before final cancellation

  • Expiration extensions allowed for medical conditions only, contact us for details

  • Passes are good for specified categories of classes only

  • Only 12 Month Memberships may be put on hold, and only once per contract term, for up to 2 months with a monthly fee to be paid prior to hold and charged monthly until the pre-determined end date.  Email with questions

  • Reinstatement fees apply for rejoining if you've previously broken a contract to cancel

Last & most important, Fit FRIENDzy Studios has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our Service, we simply ask that you meet with us so we can improve our ways, and then we will happily terminate any agreements we've made with each other.

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