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Fit FRIENDzy Studios App password isn't working!?

No worries. Regardless of what app/program you're using, there's an instant way to reset any passwords! Fit FRIENDzy Studios App (scheduling, VOD): 1-Tap profile 2-Tap Sign in 3-Tap "forgot your password"

Wix App password isn't working!?

No worries. Regardless of what app/program you're using, there's an instant way to reset any passwords! Wix App (website access, challenges, VOD, blog, etc.): 1-Tap "I Already Have a Wix Account" 2-Select either "log in with email" to do a password reset, or select one of the 3 integrated login options if that's what you used when you registered (we suggest trying "log in with email" first if you're unsure)

Website ( password isn't working!?

No worries. Regardless of what app/program you're using, there's an instant way to reset any passwords! Website Access (challenges, VOD, blog, etc.): 1-go to 2-select "log in" at upper right (on pc) or via the 3 dash menu bar (mobile) 3-if you didn't create your account with google, select "log in with email" 4-select "forgot password?

Mindbody (schedule) via web browser password isn't working!?

No worries. Regardless of what app/program you're using, there's an instant way to reset any passwords! Mindbody online (scheduling): 1-go to 2-click "my info" 3-click "need new password?"


My schedule is blank in the app!!!!!???

You're logged out :). This can happen periodically when the app itself or your phone runs updates. Have no fear, no one has ever been canceled out of their classes without their knowing! 1-Open the app 2-Tap the Profile icon 3-Sign in

Waitlist policy

Waitlists count as class registrations. We assume that if you stay on the waitlist, you plan to attend class if you get in UP TO 1 HOUR before class begins. Late cancel/no show policies apply.

Can I sign up my friend who is new to the studio?

This can only be done via the web, not the app. 1-go to 2-When you select a class, you will see a toggle after "make reservation for" it will give you the option of "myself" or "someone else" ... select "someone else" 3-input their name 4-pay for this client (note, the only option will be as if they are new (50% off). If they are not new, ask them to register via the info they previously used 5-be SURE to arrive 15 minutes early, at a minimum, so we may complete your friend's profile and liability info


Are there no show or late cancel fees for VIRTUAL classes?

Nope! You may receive a "no show" or "late cancel" email, but the email clearly states you will not be charged for virtual classes. Unfortunately we cannot separate class types with auto emails :)

What are the no show & late cancel policies & fees?

Cancelation window is 12 hours for all live classes. Otherwise a $16 fee (for general classes) applies. This INCLUDES live in-studio video stream classes. Fit FRIENDzy Studios has a zero tolerance policy for no shows, this includes ACCIDENTALLY signing up for live classes when you meant virtual. Please pay CLOSE attention to your registrations, we try to make it as obvious as possible :) During COVID, Fit FRIENDzy Studios also has a zero tolerance policy for late cancels (within the 12 hours). In rare occasions, we will waive the fees if you contact us BEFORE the class, but these circumstances are typically reserved for emergencies and we may ask for proof.

Can I get a refund?

All purchases are final. You MAY be eligible to receive an account credit if you request a return for a class or pass within 24 hours of purchase, subject to approval. All account credits much be used in 30 days.

Can I cancel my membership?

Memberships offer steep discounts for those who commit to themselves for the contract term (typically 6 months*). As such, we much prefer to work with you and help you preserve the benefits of your contract, if even it means putting your membership on hold (see "Can I put my membership on hold"?) If a hold won't work, we're happy to cancel your membership for a fee. The fee may be as high as a cummulative history of the difference between the amount of classes & services you used, as if they were a la carte (e.g. drop in's). *Note, we now offer no-contract memberships. These memberships simply require 30 days notice for cancel.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes! We offer the benefit of placing your membership on hold for any reason! This benefit is offered once per 6 month contract, and is $20 per month (no prorated).

Where can I find your full list of policies?

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?


What safety precautions are you taking due to COVID?

We follow the guidelines per, which change regularly, and we stay on top of them. As of 2/22/21 the following applies: -must pre-register for classes -must complete covid screening, including temperature, upon arrival -must vacate immediately if your temperatue is 100.4 or higher -must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES, including during class -must follow all directional signs (e.g. in one door, out the other) clearly hung at studio -must hand sanitize before entering FRIENDz Lounge -must place all belongings in plastic bag, including street shoes & coats -must place your mat/stand under the numbers on the ceiling -must put water bottles/towels (in a plastic bag) in front of corresponding number on walls -NO physical contact whatsoever -NO fans -NO leaving belongings overnight (e.g. shoes, mats) -NO borrowing mats (other equipment will be provided) -NO borrowing towels -class capacities are based on allowance (e.g. 40%), as such all no show/cancel/waitlist policies are zero tolerance and strictly enforced

What do I do if I travel to a "Red Zone" state? updates its list of "Red zone" states regularly. If you travel to one, we require a NEGATIVE COVID TEST (email to before returning to the studio (no quarantine requirements)

What do I do if I come in contact with someone known to have COVID?


Do I still need a negative test if I've been vaccinated?

We follow guidelines, so please check that site regularly. As of now (2/22/21) the policies apply to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated students

Group Classes Only!*

*We manage classes based on enrollment, and also add classes & eventz when we have slots available, ESPECIALLY during Holidays & weekends!  Always check our online Schedule for current offerings & last-minute changes (just download our app)!



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