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 IS THE LAST day to

reserve a spot***

Ask Yourself:

If I made this choice EVERY DAY, would I be a lot closer to my goals, or a lot further?


Newsflash:  Your choices are 100 times more important than you think.

Every choice you make today is building up a habit for the rest of your life.  Our brains learn from what we do repeatedly - the decision to NOT choose YOU, in whatever way that happens, is in reality 100x more powerful over time.

Don't you think it's time for a new lesson?


Taking one tiny action in a positive direction have the same effect.

From little things, like waking up 5 minutes earlier ... to big things, like committing to learn once and for all the path to true, sustainable, health and happiness.

This snowballs over time into the person you are becoming.

Who are you becoming?


You can justify not doing your habit (e.g. waking up early, or starting on the path to a better future right NOW), but your mind and body grow accustomed to the excuses.

Creating excuses is a mental habit that can absolutely be rewired.  Your brain only knows WHAT YOU DO.

When you make a decision to step with intention, your brain rewires itself.

All mini-decisions build up to your habits.  You are your mini-decisions.


Don't let the old you make your decisions.  Today is the only day change exists.  Change today and your entire life will be altered.

Don't change today, and tomorrow will be exactly like today.  Forever.


You think it's time to create the tomorrow you've wanted for so long?

We do.

  • Personalized, real food, plan

  • InBody scans

  • 1x1 Coaching

  • Tools to keep you on track

  • Tips & Tricks to survive the real world

  • A recipe book

  • A FB group

  • Way more

Finally, a program that will truly stand the test of time.

95 percent.png

Listen, I won't pretend I haven't always been relatively fit.


I certainly (thought I) ate right.

Heck, I opened a gym.

lauren pre.png

But when I tried this program.  When I saw others try it.


When it dawned on me I've been following it for an entire year without effort.



Sorry people, no scam here.  This shit works.

lc after.png

So, why THIS plan?

Sure, there was extensive research and "bio-hack" PhD's were involved.

Sure, it achieves the promised results in the promised time.

But truly, for me, it's because I never have to fear "falling off" or that annoying weight roller coaster again.

And you wouldn't either.


You have us for 6 weeks (or longer, we hope), but the program will be with you for life.

Don't you think it's time?


It's a powerfully BEYOND worthwhile investment in yourself.  In your future.


And it's easy, I mean EASY, to do.


Plus, carbs :)


A Real Meal!

So, do you think you're ready to change your life?


Because in the end, this shouldn't be about 6 weeks.  This is your life.  You get one.

If so, why don't you venture on down to our home? 


Because life-changing is what we do, and it's what you deserve.

Decide now.  We accept 20 candidates.


Even if you're unsure about the challenge, come take a class.


Come fall in love with yourself.


Thanks for spending this time with me either way.


Although, I truly hope you come down.


And I wish you all the success in the world, truly.


Founder, Owner & FRIEND.

Fit FRIENDzy Studios


Real Studio!

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