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"Those first few steps down the stairs ... that's when I know I'm finally home." *Our Reopening*

Yea, we're crying too.

What seemed like an insurmountable moment in time, is finally coming to an end.  While seemingly everything, truly everything, has changed ... we find such comfort in knowing we will be able to come together again in our home.

While we are SO excited to announce that our virtual offerings will continue (and some will even be streamed from live classes!), we are (fingers crossed) gunning for a "controlled" opening of our home in ~mid July 2020 (we hope you get a July 4th vaca in there, I know I will!)!​

As you would imagine from the OCD that is Lauren, it'll be a bit of a "tight ship" in the beginning.  There will be temporary (but also expanded) changes to our offerings & policies, and some permanent changes that we're actually really excited about!  Don't worry, we will announce everything in due time :). Be sure to join this blog to stay in the know!

One thing you can count on in all of this, is that you WILL FEEL LIKE YOU'RE HOME.

We still suggest you invest in a functioning home gym set-up (check out our Amazon shopping list for ideas!) as Virtual classes are here to stay and open up SO many doors to FRIENDz near and far!​

In the meantime, check out our package options or jump on a Virtual class!  We'll send an email out to all Studio & Website memberz when we've finalized our plans so be sure to join our website now if you've never taken a class!

Oh, and if you can't wait any longer (we couldn't!), check out the schedule for June 27th :)

Love, light, and HECK YEA!!!


Lauren "Pigtails" Caparso

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