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😱🤯It’s time to come home ...🤯😱

It’s true. Our home, Fit FRIENDzy Studios, has always been known for the variety and quality and unique experience we deliver.

Sure, this silly “cold” (as my 3 year old nephew calls it) has thrown a wrench in things ... but we don’t give up that easily.

I’m beyond proud of what our team has accomplished. Of what we’ve done to continue the connection, the promise we made to every FRIEND

Our 2020 journey ... closer, not further apart.

Within 1 week of closure we had videos made for at-home use. Not too long after we had a fully integrated virtual streaming platform up and running. Our FRIENDz-Leaderz willing to open up their homes to our FRIENDz. Their closets, living rooms, dogs, kids. Their lives.

And we saw the lives of our FRIENDz ... their families. Their homes.

In a way, I actually feel closer to my FRIENDz. I feel like I know many of them even better.

I guess I’m not surprised. It makes sense. It’s very, Fit FRIENDzy Studios.

We never stop thinking of you ...

Well, it’s been a wild ride for sure. And it’s not ending any time soon. But we continue to push on. To innovate. To invest in our FRIENDz.

We’re really proud to announce some developments!

  1. We know streaming is here to stay. So we’ve invested in enabling multiple streams at once. Now you’ll see options for time slots again! Some will be doubled up virtual Classes from our FRIENDz-Leaderz homes. Some will be from our outdoor classes. Some will be streaming from the studio for your viewing. And finally ... some will have you IN THEM!

  2. We’ve invested in not just cleaning & safety equipment, but electronics at the Studio too so we can continue to deliver the virtual experience for the convenience of our FRIENDz!

  3. We’ve invested in some incredible coaching and accountability training and programs. Whether you’re interested in just fitness, or a holistic approach to health is on your mind... we’ll be rolling out some amazing tools to help our FRIENDz achieve (or remember 🥴) their goals. Get ready to 🤯 BLOW YOUR MIND 🤯 and end 2020 better than any other year you’ve ever lived

  4. Our FRIENDz-Leaderz have been busy educating themselves even more during this time. Yep, in true Fit FRIENDzy Studios fashion, we’ll come back from all this with even MORE options for our FRIENDz

  5. And finally, we’ll be opening our doors in the coming weeks. 😭 We’ll be hugely restricted, something you can easily look up at, but we’ll take what we can get. We’re building the schedule now and sure, things will be different at first. But it’s still our home. Nothing can take that away from us. We look forward to first opening our doors to those members who candidly helped us pay our bills during these months. And then, to every soul who needs to meet us in their mat and let that shit go. Every soul needing a reminder that to #loveYOURself first is the only way to live.

It’s time to come home ...

It’s time to come home FRIENDz ... and if you’ve not realized you’re a FRIEND yet, oh how my soul bursts with excitement at the prospect of showing you what‘s still “right” in this world ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Namaste ... you daring, adventurous, vivacious, self-loving soul ... here’s to taking the next step.

🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 Lau


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