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Chocolate N’Ice Cream #TheFitHappyMinute

from myfitnesspal blog

Skip the dairy, fat, and sugar — all with the magic of “nice cream.” The secret lies in the creamy sweetness of ripe bananas, frozen solid and then pureed. You’ll need a good blender and need to work quickly, so you can eat the nice cream while it has the texture of soft-serve. You can freeze the puree to eat later. Just spread it thinly in a storage tub so it softens evenly when you get it out to serve.

The colder a food is, the harder it is to taste the sugar, so foods taste sweeter at room temperature than if they are frozen. That’s one of the reasons ice cream has so much sugar: It’s served cold, so it needs more sugar to taste sweet. All this to say, your “nice cream” will taste sweeter and creamier if it is lightly frozen, instead of totally frozen.

Read more to get the recipe!

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