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*BUTI GLO July 20

This specialty class is also offered VIRTUALLY --->javascript:showSupportCenterMovie('203261543-Managing-class-sign-in-video-tutorial');

You will be given your own paint and brushes... no sharing please.

The Buti Yoga® you know and love ... with reflective paint, glow sticks and lots of neon ... so, kinda like a normal Monday night

ATTENTION: Only the first 15 minutes of this class slot will be reserved for painting, then it's TIME TO ROCK. So get there early if you can! (Paint will be provided)

*NOTE, music is explicit, no harm intended :)*

*Please note, Specialty classes involve magical effort, as such they are non-refundable (cancel/no-show fee of $20 applies for VIP/THRIVE members). If you can't make it, please let us know so we can plan accordingly!*


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