1 Annual VIP Membership

(Unlimited general & specialty classes, free babysitting,

retail discount & more!)

At 27% Less Than Monthly

(Because our birthday is 12/27 … it’s an epic day.  And 1227% isn’t a real thing.  So just stop asking questions and click the mermaids. 😎)

What's with the "+"?

(VIP Pricing is increasing in January 2019,

so the discount is actually more :) )  



$72/month vs. $99 (Price increasing January 2019)


  • New/No Active Pass?  Begins 11/25

  • Current Active Pass?  Activates immediately upon end of current pass

  • THRiVE Tribe?  email deskdiva@bethefitfriend.com for an annual discount

2 Payments vs 1?

(We'll still give you 18% off, because 12/18 is when we got our keys :)  Click here, no promo code needed.  Second charge will be on 1/1/2019)

Want Another $300 Off?

(Submit the receipt to your Insurance company!)