Yoga Kids®

Suggested Ages 5-9 (parental discretion as always) Why YogaKids®? Because a YogaKids® class is not like any other yoga for kids class. A YogaKids® class is unique, active, and fun! Also, they’re educational! Our YogaKids® Teachers blend the benefits of yoga with games, reading, math, science, art, and more! Furthermore, a YogaKids® class reaches the learning style of each and every child.

What to Expect:

Ages are a suggestion, parents use their own discretion. REQUIREMENT: Fill out the Child Waiver/Profile online to save yourself time at the Studio!

Disclaimers (if applicable):

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We don't suggest parents watching during the class, mini'z acclimate better when they're alone (trust us! :))

Starter Tips:



Hands & Feet:

No shoes

Props: (Most are Provided)

Yoga Mat