Yoga - Mind Body Soul

An FFS exclusive integrative Practice of Slow Flow Vinyasa, Breathwork, Mantra and Guided Meditation to build strength, balance and awareness in ALL of your bodies. In Mind Body Soul Yoga , your fearless leader uses an interactive and intuitive approach that helps to address the students needs for specific practice on a more personal level at every meeting. We believe each class should be uniquely co-created to allow students to explore their body’s ever changing state and needs in the present moment that comes with each class.

What to Expect:

Disclaimers (if applicable):

Class Type:

Yoga Mind and Creative


Embrace slowing down and listening to your body

Starter Tips:



Hands & Feet:

No shoes

Props: (Most are Provided)

Yoga mat, tennis/racquet balls, yoga strap, yoga blocks, core ball (all provided)