Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a perfect complement to all the crazy in life! You will be led into a variety of restorative yoga postures where you can relax (or even nap) for 5-7 minutes at a time. Reiki for relaxation will be performed and you'll leave rested and renewed. When done well, yogic rest can give 5-10x similar benefits than the regular sleep we get.

What to Expect:

Let us know ASAP if you are allergic to essential oils as they ARE used in our diffusers

Disclaimers (if applicable):

Class Type:



*IMPORTANT* Be sure to BRING WITH YOU 2 Pillows & 1-2 Blankets & an eye pillow if you have one! We HIGHLY suggest wearing PJ's, no joke. Don't judge yourself if you can't turn your mind off at first, trust us, it will happen.

Starter Tips:


N/A - Think PJ's

Hands & Feet:

Slippers, Warm Socks

Props: (Most are Provided)

Yoga Mat, Yoga Props. PLEASE BRING: Blankets, Pillows, Eye Mask