Buti Yoga - HOT Buti®

HOT Buti introduces the element of HEAT (~90 degrees, NOT Bikram hot) to the Buti Yoga you know and love. The main difference is we ADD inversions (headstands, etc.) and we REMOVE plyometrics (burpees, etc.) and Cardio-intensive Tribal dance, since the body is already warm. The rest follows the buti structure: Buti Yoga is an intense physical and soulful blend of Power Yoga, Tribal Dance, Muscle Conditioning and DEEP Abdominal Toning. It focuses on clearing away stuck energy and revitalizing the body while empowering female confidence, connection and freedom. This class works far more than your physical being and will push you further than you've ever been pushed, in life.

What to Expect:

MUSIC CAN BE EXPLICIT! It is NOT meant to offend. There is minimal instructor modification provided, we suggest taking other classes before Buti. Men allowed based on referrals only.

Disclaimers (if applicable):

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Move SLOWLY, especially when standing. Listen to your body & be sure to hydrate as needed. Get OUT of your head. MILK SHAKE (mula bandha)! NOTE: Buti plank is done with FEET HIPS WIDTH APART, and hips are in line with SHOULDERS. Drop to child's pose if you ever need a break!

Starter Tips:



Hands & Feet:

No shoes. Sticky Socks Optional

Props: (Most are Provided)

Yoga Mat, BIG towel, sweatband for head suggested. HYDRATE BIG TIME 1 HOUR+ before class & bring water.