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​​*Printable Schedule, Class Categories, Staff Key & Pricing/Discounts found here
Your Path to Success


Registering also guarantees you'll receive an email if class is changed/canceled!
Our goal is variety ... it's the best thing for our bodies!
We offer OVER 120 classes every month,
so if we have to cancel one for some reason, we may drop in another!

We may cancel classes with less than 3 enrolled.
(psst just bring your friends to avoid this!)

1. Sign Up

4 Ways:

​(Note, drop-in's allowed, but our classes fill quickly so registration is suggested)

(Note, waitlists are VERY VERY VERY promising.  They do count as registrations so cancel if you know you won't attend)
2 Automated Ways:
  • Email
  • SMS Message

​(Note, every registration is confirmed and a reminder is sent 1 day prior to the class, even those booked by FFS Staff.  If you don't receive one or both alerts, check your SPAM folder!)

2.  Receive Confirmation

3.  Show Up

  • 15 Minutes Early if Payment is Due
  • By the time class starts otherwise

​(Note, unless we are notified via email or phone call, tardiness past 5 minutes may result in forfeiting your spot. Late cancel/No Show fees will apply)
  • 2 hours before evening classes
  • 12 hours before morning classes

(Note, Late/no-show fees apply unless we are notified via email or phone call, before the end of the scheduled class)

(Note, every CANCEL receives an automated email or SMS. If you don't receive one or both alerts, EMAIL US ASAP)

(OR Cancel)

The 10 Commandments of FFS
How to be a GREAT FRIEND! (aka our House Rulez)
Note, we do contact FRIENDz regularly if they disgregard our Commandments.
We do so confidentially, as we mean only love and respect. 
1)  REGISTER  & CANCEL according to policy (scroll down)
2)  SIGN IN at the Tiki Bar when you arrive
3)  NO STREET SHOES  in the Aerobics rooms
Bring your fitness shoes, we have plenty of storage space! 
4)  Rock the "3 Yes's & a No" of Gym SMELL
YES = Deodorant (we have spray if you forgot!)
YES = SHOWER BEFORE CLASS if you've been cooking smelly food
YES If you have a bubbly belly (flatulence), scoot out to the hallway
NO = Perfume
5)  Do NOT Put a Ring on It :)
NO RINGS at the barres or when using equipment! 
We have ring guards and yoga gloves for sale!
6)  Learn About PERSONAL SPACE
It's a dance thing.  Read about it here , but basically
if you're bumping into someone in class, scoot over!
Oh, and this includes taping & taking pictures ... HUGE invasion of personal space.  Students are not allowed to record during class.
We get it, sometimes a breeze isn't your thang ... So scoot over!
We have a marker on top of the mini fridge!
9)  Respect CLASS TIMING
Attend classes for which you register, in full.
No joining late or at the tail-end of classes before yours.
Scroll down for all registration policies.
10)  CLEAN all equipment after use
Mats, weights, barres, balls, bands, etc.

OK, maybe we have 11 ...

11)  Pledge  to welcome ALL FRIENDz to our home every chance
​         you get :)
We Understand Life Happens...
We only ask 4 THINGS
  1. Cancel 2 hours BEFORE  evening classes and 12 hours BEFORE morning classes,  so other FRIENDz can jump in
  2.  Arrive  ~10-15 minutes early if you have to pay or have questions
  3.  Arrive within 5 mins of class start or your spot could be forfeited and/or class canceled
  4. Respect that WAITLISTS ARE COUNTED AS REGISTRATIONS!  If you know you cannot make (or won't wake up for) a class for which you are waitlisted, CANCEL.  All waitlist additions up to 1 hour before class will be counted and No Show/Late Cancel, Policies apply.
No Show/Late Cancel Policy
  • FEES:  1 class / $14
    • e.g. non-refundable class for Drop-in's, fee for Unlimited members
  • WE MAY UNREGISTER YOU:  No-shows may result in being UNREGISTERED or TEMPORARILY BANNED from future classes.  We really don't like doing this ...

If Life Gets in the Way ...

  • Just  call (and leave a voicemail) , or  email   us  within 1 hour of class START time  to avoid penalties.  Note, we do not accept personal FB messages or texts for cancelations.
  • Absolutely no exceptions for no-shows (enable email AND text alerts to avoid forgetting!  Don't know how?   Ask us to! )
  • Repeated late cancels or no-shows will result in penalites, including but not limited to, reservation capabilities being suspended
Studio Class Cancelation Policy:
  • If a class has to be canceled, we aim to do so at least 2 hours before the scheduled start, but cannot always guarantee
  • No charges apply when classes are  canceled
  • Punch Card & Package expirations will only be adjusted in very rare circumstances, and not simply due to a class cancelation