if within 2 hours of your appointment!


"Intimate, Personal & Unique.  Way Better than a Big Gym.
My kids LOOK FORWARD to coming as much as I do!"  ~ A FFS Mom
Be Sure to Scroll Down for Policies*
Note, All Children Under the Age of 9 must be in babysitting
or accompanied by an adult.

2 Easy Ways to Book*:
1.)  "Sign Up" for one of the Pre-Scheduled Time Slots
(from the regular schedule)

2.)  REQUEST an appointment  Online  ...
from the "Babysitting" Tab,
or Right from your app!
Not sure how? Just email us !)

Payment Options*:


​​*Policies & Exceptions

Booking appointments doesn't guarantee a sitter.  You will receive a confirmation/regrets email within 4 hours, if during the hours of 8am-9pm.
Overnight requests will be answered by 12pm the following day.
(note, we typically respond near-immediately)

Requests that can't be fulfilled will be refunded.  Credit should appear within 2-3 business days.

Book in advance:  24 hour minimum helps!
2+ days in advance significantly increases the likelihood of securing a sitter

Cancel in advance:  2 hours minimum.
Fee will otherwise not be refunded, except in unique circumstances.
Late cancel fee ($10) for unlimited option

If your child has allergies, it is your responsibility to indicate so on the waiver form which can be signed at the studio or downloaded here (please bring with you)

Our Style:

We do not change diapers.

We do not let kids cry.  We will get you if your munckin cries longer than 15 minutes consecutively.

If one of our studios is open, we might be found dancing or playing with your kids in it. :)


Single Class Visit
  • Per Class, Per child


1-Month Unlimited Pass
  • No contract
  • Can be shared between YOUR OWN children, names must be provided at time of purchase


Unlimited Contract ADDER
  • MUST be an unlimited (6 month) contract member
  • Fee will be added to monthly membership dues
  • Family discount (30%) does not apply
  • Can be shared between children BUT...
    • Valid for member's children only
    • Names of children to be provided at time of sign-up
  • All contract terms & conditions apply
  • $30 cancelation fee if cancel within contract period