Hey, FRIEND. Welcome!
We know life is busy.  We're busy too!
We all have lives, a story
... a journey.
We're here to make it easier.
To be a place of freedomcomfortjoy
and FRIENDz-ship.
Take a few moments to check out what our site has to offer you.
Or just venture on down to our little cave ...
the rest will be history.
We promise.
Who Are We?

Fit FRIENDzy Studios is like no other studio or gym.
We specialize in an extensive variety of Group Fitness classes, led by a team of the HIGHEST calibur of Instructors you'll ever meet
Our students are pretty awesome too.

 Our mission statement really says it all:

"Elite Instructors, Intimate setting, Dream-worthy results.
Because you're not a Number, you're a Name.  ​You're a FRIEND"®

No overhead lights, no divas, no drama.  Simply a coveted sanctuary used as an escape for some much deserved "me time."

We're like nothing else.  
We say that with the utmost humility.

We know, our FRIENDz know, all you have to do is show up.  We take it from there. 

Tell everyone.  Actually, tell your *special* people.
'Cause this is kind of special.   We're kind of special.

Someone send you here?  That means you're kind of special too.
So, we say it's time to be who you're truly meant to be.

Are you ready?  
Because, why not?
What's with the

No, it’s not Mickey mouse :-)
Those who have been to the studio, or have been following Lauren since she began teaching in February of 2011, know exactly what the graphic is.  For those who haven’t yet been, it’s simply a silhouette of Lauren’s infamous Zumba pigtails.
What almost no one (until now) likely realizes, is that it’s so much more.  Truth be told, Lauren had been searching for over six months for a “symbol” that represented the studio.  Something about friendship, support, uniqueness, acceptance, dedication, fun.  Something different, yet simple.  Something special.
Finally, one day, it dawned on her (ok, with the help of a few very insistent friends...), she wasn’t looking for some crafted up, inanimate object.  Frankly, that’s the exact OPPOSITE of what came to mind when she thought of her studio.  She finally realized, the PIGTAILS represent ALL of what she was looking for …
it was there all along.
It isn’t just a graphic of her, it’s so much more than that.
It’s a symbol of individuality and expression and smiling and fun and intimacy and passion.
Looking at the pigtails invokes the sentiments she hopes every single FRIEND that walks through the doors feels … acceptance.
It’s not an image of Lauren, it’s an image of you.  It’s the you that’s deep inside, coming out day by day, or full on out and wreaking AMAZING havoc in this world!  It’s a connection.  From her to you.  From you to another friend.  It connects all of us.
Oh, and it sure as heck gets a lot of stares, that doesn’t hurt business too much ;-).
So, when you see the symbol, or when you doodle the symbol, remember what it represents.  Most important, remember to LIVE what it represents.
No better way to be.
Be fit … Be YOUnique ...